John McAfee, founder of Ghostcoin announces Ghost eSIM


Ghost is a cryptocurrency known to be an “anonymous coin,” its transactions can not be traced, the concept of Ghost is very similar to Monero and Zcash. Ghost was first launched in 2020, by John McAfee who is also known for his popular anti-virus software.


Ghost introduces eSIM

The new Ghost eSIM by McAfee claims to be the first 4G eSIM that enables an untraceable connection. This means that all users are untraceable and will be fully anonymous when using the eSIM. The eSIM does not require a KYC or even any personal details including the name of the user. Users will be able to connect to over 2000 IP and different VPN locations when using the Ghost eSIM, physical SIM is not required. Although the Ghost eSIM only supports a few amounts of devices and countries. As the number of countries that allow eSIM increases, we should expect Ghost eSIM to cover many countries. The official ghost website list that the service is available in about 53 countries as well as a popular phone brand that is able to support eSIM connection. The pricing of the eSIM is not yet announced, we should be expecting call bundle plans and data plans on the Ghost eSIM.

Ghost expansion

McAfee Ghostcoin is quickly expanding, few days after Ghostcoin was lunched it partnered with ZelaaPayAE.

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